Workshops and Training

K.L. Hagen Intellectual Capital Strategies is committed to increasing our client's internal capabilities to surpass their business goals. The workshops and training are customized to meet the client’s cultural and organizational needs.  Our interactive workshops facilitate learning on the following topics:

  • Internal Consulting Skills Training

  • Leverage The Wisdom You Have: Knowledge Transfer Strategies and Processes

  • Issues of Knowledge Retention in the Aging Workforce

  • Working Effectively Across Boundaries: Generational, Geographic and Functional

  • Going Global: the Beliefs, Behaviors and Competencies for Working Worldwide

  • Setting Knowledge Management Strategies

  • The Value and Skill of Asking the Right Questions

  • Cutting Edge Technologies for Collaboration and Transfer

  • Defining and Sharing Critical Project Knowledge

  • Creating High Performance Teams

We also offer additional workshops through our associates and affiliates.

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