Knowledge Strategies During Organizational Transition

There are many types of organizational transitions: mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, new growth strategies, new markets, downsizing, upsizing, rightsizing, facility closings, regulatory changes the list goes on. The identification and transfer of business critical knowledge both documented and undocumented  can ease the transition and enhance the value of the transaction.

K.L. Hagen has extensive experience in organizational transitions such as large scale knowledge transfer during three major pharmaceutical acquisitions, closing of a research facility in Europe, and the reorganization of a multi-national IT group. We understand how to respectfully identify, catalog, capture, organize, and leverage business critical knowledge to enhance the broader overall organizational transformation.

We specialize in the identification and transfer of tacit or deeply held knowledge of individuals, teams, and divisions that define the organization's competitive advantage. Our methods are tested and proven, and they integrate well within each organization's current business processes.


  • Knowledge Exchange Using a teach-back method to identify and transfer scientific, technical, or product knowledge to the new organization.

  • Transition Communications Plan internal and external communications to consistently and accurately communicate to clients, regulators, partners, and employees.

  • ProMap Software and process mapping to identify the significant and vital systems in the organization.

  • The Emotional Aspects of Change We use the model of change as created by Wm. Bridges to provide background to help groups respectfully and effectively transfer knowledge while experiencing the emotions of change.

  • Transition Playbook The services and offerings listed above are part of a framework for large scale transition, and as a 'playbook' can be applied to faciliate large scale transitions. Also included in the Playbook are project plans, checklists, risk and opportunity management processes, and other tools for transaction planning.

  • Trust Surveys and Workshops Through our associates, we offer trust workshops and assessment tools to help organizations identify the level of trust and the organizational or individual interventions which address the challenges identified.
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