Intellectual Capital Retention and Agility

Intellectual capital is the knowledge unique to an organization that increases the company's business value. Our clients are aware of the value of patents and trademarks. However, identifying potential patentable ideas or trade secrets or creating the ability to reuse the deeply held experiential knowledge around intellectual capital can also increase the organization's value. We help organizations identify and develop their intellectual capital so as to enhance their efficiencies, reuse their experiential knowledge, and increase their organizational value. We partner with internal and external attorneys to teach the organization how to identify and optimize potential intellectual capital opportunities.


  • Intellectual Capital Assessment — Work with your legal group to help define the intellectual capital and know-how to enhance the Intellectual Property you have, for use by the organization or to increase the value of a licensing or sales agreement.

  • Patent Reviews — Work with the client’s internal cross-functional business, technology and legal resources to review products or patents for additional learning, applications, ideas and innovations around the product or patent portfolio.

  • Innovation Workshops — With internal and external partners, review past ideas and innovations to jumpstart new and novel ideas for future use. The workshops are cross-functional and can be done across geographic or other boundaries.
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