Kathy L. Hagen, Principal

With more than fifteen years of management consulting experience, Kathy Hagen today focuses on improving organizational performance through knowledge transfer, intellectual capital management, organizational change, globalization and process improvement.

The knowledge management strategies and knowledge transfer methods developed by Ms. Hagen have been successfully implemented in companies around the world. Her work is used extensively by companies that face the challenges of a transitioning workforce and the need to capture and transfer knowledge to a new generation of workers. Ms. Hagen's work concentrates on creating and implementing innovative and effective methods of managing strategic, deeply held, or tacit knowledge; leveraging intellectual assets; and developing collaborative processes across functional, geographic, or cultural boundaries during times of organizational transition.

Before starting her own business, Ms. Hagen held positions that combined knowledge management, process improvement, change management, and information technology in the life sciences, manufacturing, and retail industries. Ms. Hagen worked with Deloitte as a Senior Manager heading the Intellectual Capital Practice, served as the Assistant Director of Exploratory Development Informatics and Knowledge Management at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and as the principal leading the Global Knowledge Management Practice for Health Care at Computer Science Corporation.

Ms. Hagen has been selected as an Industry Leader for Healthcare and Knowledge Management for Standard & Poor's Vista Research Group. She also serves as an Industry Thought Leader in Healthcare for the Gerson Lehman Group Councils worldwide. Ms. Hagen serves on the Leadership Team for the Twin Cities Knowledge Management Forum. She teaches Knowledge Transfer in the Minnesota State College and University System.

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