Executive, Managerial, and Knowledge Management Coaching

Much of the effort needed to identify and transfer knowledge requires leaders at all levels to articulate and role model the new behaviors, beliefs, actions, and ways of thinking, even as they themselves are learning what those components require. Often knowledge transfer happens during times of large scale change as well, and leaders also need support, partners in thinking, and assistance as they go through their own changes and learning. We provide coaching services to help individuals and organizations learn, grow, and lead in a positive and supportive environment. We also coach leaders and employee groups as they look at new ways to transfer knowledge and the steps these improvements will take.


  • Executive Coaching Our coaches focus on the skills and competencies of building relationships and strategic decisions that leaders need to move forward. The coaching experience is supportive, collaborative, and authentic.

  • Managerial Coaching We assist as the move is made from individual contributor to manager, and as managers move through the various challenges to be addressed in changing organizations.

  • Knowledge Management Coaching Facilitating the identification and management of knowledge throughout a changing organization can be a complex task, requiring an understanding of cultural aspects, technology, change management, influence, governance, and adult learning, as well as the need to hold authentic conversations. Our coaches help clearly define the issues, clarify and articulate potential actions and behaviors needed, and determine alternative solutions.
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