Chris Shilling

Chris Shilling has over 15 years of deep experience in knowledge and change management, innovation and project management within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and beyond.

Mr. Shilling is the program committee chair for European Industrial Research Management Association, he teaches the Knowledge Management module of Cranfield Universityís Quality Management in Scientific Research & Development (R&D) course, and he is a regular speaker at industry conferences. He qualified as a lawyer from Brunel University.

Currently, Mr. Shilling works with large organizations and start-ups to identify and address the challenges they face in delivering innovative products. Mr. Shilling is an experienced writer for EU Framework proposals.

Within Novartis, Mr. Shilling led the design and implementation of a pricing and market access knowledge management framework, leading a team across 60 country offices, including a major change management and staff education program and the introduction of some company-wide knowledge management tools.

At Pfizer Global R&D, Mr. Shilling was the global leader of R&Dís innovation council and managed the Business Innovation Unit, working with a global network of partners to develop new approaches to pharmaceutical R&D for R&D Leadership and the CEOís office. He also held a global knowledge management role, designing and implementing project information systems, organizational development and knowledge management products.

As a consultant, Mr. Shilling has worked across Europe, including as project manager for Amarinís successful project developing the new cardiovascular drug Vascepa.

Mr. Shilling lives in Kent, UK with his wife and two children and plays a mean blues guitar.

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